Obama Ipsum

The most presidential lorem ipsum in history.

How many paragraphs of oratory do you need?

Clearly, the past 50 years have not weakened your resolve as faithful witnesses of the gospel. The profound mistake of Reverend Wright's sermons is not that he spoke about racism in our society. He does not say health care or the economy. Born into poverty? Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps - even if you don't have boots. To play a role in fulfilling Palestinian aspirations, and to unify the Palestinian people, Hamas must put an end to violence, recognize past agreements, and recognize Israel's right to exist.

They're deciding that their work, their possessions, their diversions, their sheer busyness, is not enough. She had this enormous capacity for wonder, and lived by the Golden Rule. That's what compromise is about. Why associate myself with Reverend Wright in the first place, they may ask? Why not join another church? And I confess that if all that I knew of Reverend Wright were the snippets of those sermons that have run in an endless loop on the television and You Tube, or if Trinity United Church of Christ conformed to the caricatures being peddled by some commentators, there is no doubt that I would react in much the same way Palestinians must abandon violence.

We worship an awesome God in the Blue States, and we don't like federal agents poking around in our libraries in the Red States. Even for those blacks who did make it, questions of race, and racism, continue to define their worldview in fundamental ways. King's birthday at his home church, Ebenezer Baptist, in Atlanta. This has bred more fear and mistrust. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles - principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.

For we have a choice in this country. Many more are simply skeptical that real change can occur.

The hope of immigrants setting out for distant shores. These things we share. So America will defend itself respectful of the sovereignty of nations and the rule of law. The Internet and television can bring knowledge and information, but also offensive sexuality and mindless violence.

Thank you. And may God's peace be upon you.